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Security by design presented by the Aniketos project in YouTube

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Check out in YouTube how the Aniketos project discusses state-of-the-art security principles for composite services 

Survey on Understanding the Cloud

Are you using applications like Spotify, Gmail, or Dropbox for personal or business use? Then you’ll probably know that your data are not stored on your mobile device or computer, but in the ‘Cloud’. This of course has got a lot of benefits, but also creates uncertainties regarding data location and use.

Accountability For Cloud and Other Future Internet Services

ATC participates in the EC-funded integrated project A4Cloud – “Accountability for Cloud and Other Future Internet Services”, which develops methods and tools to increase confidence in cloud computing services, through risk analysis, policy enforcement, monitoring and compliance auditing.


In the past trust was one of the drivers that lead to a self-reinforcing cycle of (largely beneficial) socio-economic activity facilitating distribution, sharing and collaboration.  However, trust in the Internet and in Internet-based applications is eroding.


Aniketos is about establishing and maintaining trustworthiness and secure behaviour in a constantly changing service environment.