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Textile-Clothing industry


SERVIVE project

SERVIVE Project was launched to foster the implementation of flexible production alternatives to the standard mass production systems and the development of innovative web-based services that will enable customers to purchase corresponding products with larger flexibility, less perceived risk, and more enjoyment.

Nikos Dimakopoulos

Nikos is working as a project manager in the ATC Innovation Lab. He received his MSc in Information Technology from the University of Paisley in 2004 and his Diploma degree from the Technological Institute of Piraeus. Mr Dimakopoulos has been involved in EU R&D and National funded projects. He has participated in several National and EU R&D projects in the field of Project Management, Human Capital Management, e-Learning and eBusiness applications. He has also experience in the analysis and implementation of IT systems.

Garifalia Sebou

Garifalia has been working with ATC since 2007. She holds a BSc Degree in Political Science & Public Administration from the University of Athens. She is working in the ATC Innovation Lab as a Project Dissemination Manager overseeing the unit's dissemination, marketing and internet marketing activities. She has been involved in EU R&D and National funded projects since 2008.

Garifalia Sebou