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sentiment analysis

TruthNest: Verifying eyewitness media from social networks

We are currently experiencing a social web explosion, which is giving the power of speech back to the citizens who had been practically deprived of this since the gradual explosion of the population that made it impossible for news to travel via the old channel of the ‘word-of-mouth’.

Stamatis Rapanakis

Stamatis joined iLab in 2013. He holds a bachelor degree in Informatics from the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB), a Master degree in Computer Science from AUEB and a Master degree in Engineering-Economic Systems from the Electrical and Computer Engineering department of the National University of Athens. He has worked as a software engineer for several years in EU funded projects and business applications. At ATC, Stamatis had technical contributions on the TruthNest and Truly Media software applications.