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EDMO brings together fact-checkers, media literacy experts and academic researchers to understand and analyse disinformation, in collaboration with media organisations, online platforms and media literacy practitioners.


Media Motor Europe (MME) is a brand new project aiming to become the “meeting place” between the supply side (ICT tech and deep-tech startups, scaleups and SMEs) and the demand side (Creative and media corporates, SMEs and Media houses) and offer the opportunity to SMEs and startups/scaleups to shape together  with the Media houses and enterprises the industry models of tomorrow offering better

MME Kicked off in Brussels!

On 24 and 25 February 2020 the Media Motor Europe (MME) project consortium held its Kick-off meeting in Brussels, Belgium.


MEDIATECH is about providing a complete package of knowledge regarding the current advancements in the media industry using innovative technologies. The aim is to develop a complete training package for the development of new media and the applicability of new technological advancements in traditional media.