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Communicating Complexity and Digital Archives

Word Cloud for Entities

iLab's Dimitris Spiliotopoulos will present the paper "Relation Visualization for Semantically Enriched Web Content" at the 2CO Conference in Alghero, Italy, 25-26 October 2013.

User Interface Design issues @HCI-International-2013

HCI International 2013

ATC presented two papers at the DUXU and UA-HCI sessions of the HCI International Conference in Las Vegas, USA, 21-26 July, 2013. The talks highlighted the work on the ARCOMEM project, focusing on the design, testing and evaluation issues for building a UI for semantic search and retrieval of archived web documents and social media items.


ARCOMEM is a project about memory institutions like archives, museums, and libraries in the age of the Social Web. Memory institutions are more important now than ever: as we face greater economic and environmental challenges we need our understanding of the past to help us navigate to a sustainable future.