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Athens Technology Center (ATC) and Deutsche Welle (DW) were awarded co-funding from Google’s Digital News Initiative (DNI) to develop a set of digital tools that  aid journalists in social media content aggregation, curation and, most importantly, verification.

TruthNest: Verifying eyewitness media from social networks

We are currently experiencing a social web explosion, which is giving the power of speech back to the citizens who had been practically deprived of this since the gradual explosion of the population that made it impossible for news to travel via the old channel of the ‘word-of-mouth’.

REVEAL project @ ICT 2015 event

Members of the REVEAL team attended the ICT conference in Lisbon, Portugal . At our booth "Verify This" and in collaboration with EU project PHEME, we showcased REVEAL applications and enjoyed many lively discussions.

Revealing Hidden Concepts in Social Media

ATC participates as the technical and scientific coordinator in the REVEAL project, which is co-funded by the European Commission under the FP7 ICT programme. REVEAL aims to discover ‘higher level’ information hidden within social media multimedia content, such as the reputation, influence or trustworthiness of an information source.


The world of media and communication is currently experiencing enormous disruptions: from one-way communication and word of mouth exchanges, we have moved to bi- or multi directional communication patterns. No longer can selected few (e.g. media organizations and controllers of communication channels) act as gatekeepers, deciding what is communicated to whom and what not.