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A4CLOUD - An advanced approach to security accountability for cloud service providers

As business and personal data increasingly move to the cloud, protecting the information – and tracing responsibility for privacy leaks and breaches –become paramount. A4CLOUD project developed guidelines for security accountability.

A4Cloud Accountability for Cloud and Other Future Internet Services Workshop @ Cloudscape 2016

"A4Cloud Accountability for Cloud and Other Future Internet Services" Workshop will be held on March 7, 2016, from 14:00 to 16:00, in Brussels, Belgium during the Cloudscape 2016 conference.

Operational Trustworthiness Enabling Technologies - The OPTET Project results

ATC has participated in the OPTET project, which was an FP7 EU-funded project developing trustworthiness enabling technologies. The results of the project have been made available on the project wiki page at Read more in the OPTET project Web Site

A4Cloud @ CSA Congress EMEA: Workshop on Governance: Accountability-Compliance in the Cloud

Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is hosting the Workshop on Governance-Accountability-Compliance in the Cloud at its upcoming EMEA Congress in Berlin. 

ARTIST releases tools for migrating to the cloud

The EC co-funded project ARTIST after three years of research work is releasing a tool-supported method that facilitates the transformation and modernization of non-cloud software assets and business processes to the cloud.