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Virtual Community Platforms

Building on our experience with eParticipation projects and employing paradigms from social networks we now have our own platform for supporting virtual communities. This works through structured dialogues that allow users to interact by sharing, commenting, evaluating, appraising, voting and eventually reaching consensus on self-suggested issues of common interest.

Mobile Applications and Solutions

Mobile Applications and Solutions

Addressing the need for mobility in business and everyday life, we specialise in mobile technologies, with experience in multi-platform and cross-platform development, providing integrated solutions irrespective of business sector. Some examples include mobile workforce collaboration, news discovery, tourism and ‘smart city’ applications.

Enterprise and Social Search

ATC provides a set of tailor-made solutions over Enterprise Search. Our expertise covers all aspects of Enterprise Search, from the analysis of a search problem to the formulation of a fully searchable document collection.

Cloud based solutions and large scale processing

Cloud based solutions and large scale processing

In a world of continuously growing volume of information, the necessity for large scale processing of data is becoming an everyday task to deal with. ATC offers large-scale data processing solutions based on cloud technology (Apache Hadoop, Storm). This involves real time stream analysis (e.g.

eGovernance solutions

ATC offers professional solutions for eGovernance portals based on popular Open Source and Open Platform Solutions. We support all popular platforms as DNN (Dot Net Nuke), WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Liferay.

Custom software development

ATC has been providing custom development services for more than 20 years.  Regardless of your needs we provide specialised development services in Java, C# .net and C++ on Windows, Unix and Linux platforms.

Software Integration

ATC has been active in software integration since the early 1990’s both in commercial solutions and EU sponsored projects.  We support integration through modern software and techniques such as OSGi, ESB (Enterprise service Bus) and SOA (Service Orientated Architectures)/Web services (SOAP and RestFul), more traditional solutions such as Message Queue’s and COM (Com

TruthNest - Verifying Social Media content

Dishonesty in politics is nothing new; but the manner in which some politicians now lie, and the havoc they may wreak by doing so, are worrying.
The post-truth world - Yes, I’d lie to you, The Economist, 10 September 2016