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Think tank for the collaboration on NEXt generation internet between EU-US

Think NEXUS project aims to reinforce EU-US collaboration, through its dedicated Think Tank, involving major stakeholders (researchers, entrepreneurs, policy makers) from both sides of the Atlantic. The Think Tank will deal with NGI-related thematics, specifically focusing in in three areas: Science and Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Policy. Its mission is to become an important and lasting entity within the NGI initiative ecosystem. For doing so, the project will involve stakeholders and disseminate NGI visions in a collaborative approach for tackling respective challenges, and benefit society at large. More specifically, Think NEXUS is expected to boost the strategic research, industrial partnerships and policy compliances among the respective communities of the NGI areas and thus, result in substantial socio-economic benefits in both the EU and US regions. 

In Think NEXUS ATC is leading the Science & Technology Expert Group.

The project started in November 2018 and will last for 30 months.