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SERVIVE project
SERVIVE project
SERVice Oriented Intelligent Value Adding nEtwork for Clothing-SMEs embarking in Mass-Customisation

SERVIVE Project was launched to foster the implementation of flexible production alternatives to the standard mass production systems and the development of innovative web-based services that will enable customers to purchase corresponding products with larger flexibility, less perceived risk, and more enjoyment. SERVIVE aimed at implementing Mass Customisation throughout Europe on a wide and large scale by achieving (i) the enlargement of the assortment of customisable items currently on offer, (ii) the drastic enhancement of including the consumers to the design process (co-design aspects) improving both garment functionality and fun, and (iii) the development and testing of a new production model based on decentralized networked SME cells, the so called micro-factories.

Logging into the SERVIVE community offers a world of sites like Amazon and Facebook combined: Shop mass customized apparel from different suppliers, have your own profile and show your configured products to friends.