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Helping you be Part of the EU

PbP aims to help ensure that discussions about immigration and migration are as balanced, informed and inclusive as possible by providing a politically neutral, easily accessible and transparent platform for discourse and exchange among all citizens – regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds, language and IT skills and level of education.
The PbP platform is built around three central concepts:
*Understand:A POLICY PROFILER tool (in the form of a fun, quick and easy –to-take quiz with a STAR rating system to identify which issues matter the most) enables users to VISUALLY SEE where their views stand on a policy spectrum chart and to access information from NGOs and political parties from across the spectrum.
*Discuss: A U-DEBATE enables citizens to exchange views. ARGUMENT VISUALISATION tools break down arguments into easy-to-follow strands. A simple, easy to use icon system allows citizens to mark their policy positions and comments as an issue or pro/ con argument. LINGUISTIC TRANSLATION tools make content accessible to those who can read.
* Share:  WIDGET allows users to share the PbP platform on popular sites such as Facebook, and YouTube and mobile phones.  A POLICY-MAKER FEEDBACK button feeds easy-to-grasp snapshot reports – including STAR ratings - of citizen views to decision makers.