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Policy Formulation and Validation through non moderated crowdsourcing

The NOMAD projects aims to introduce into the policy-making process an array of new techniques and opportunities emerging through the massive use of the social web. Nowadays, the citizens are directly and heavily involved in the policy making process, through the tools and capabilities offered by the Web 2.0 tools and channels. The social networks and the social web effects go far beyond the social interaction, sharing of data and ideas and the emergence of collaboration networks, actually they radically change the way policies (and politics, at large) are designed, decided and enforced. NOMAD combines novel ideas and techniques to exploit the recent trend for identifying “reputation models” on the social Web (with an emphasis on policies, although the methodology readily extends to other areas) with the ICT techniques on data and opinion mining and the AI/ philosophy concerns on the conceptual representation of policies and the argumentation theories.