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Media Motor Europe

Media Motor Europe (MME) is a brand new project aiming to become the “meeting place” between the supply side (ICT tech and deep-tech startups, scaleups and SMEs) and the demand side (Creative and media corporates, SMEs and Media houses) and offer the opportunity to SMEs and startups/scaleups to shape together  with the Media houses and enterprises the industry models of tomorrow offering better, more functional, reliable, accessible and secure digital content to the on-line European society.

MME is bringing together 4 innovative hubs in Europe with a purpose of nurturing innovation in deep tech for media and creative industries. The hubs are located in Brussels (BE), Bergen (NO), Thessaloniki (GR) and Sofia (BG). Together with partners from the startup and investor networks, this forms the basis for a strong European ecosystem fostering media and the creative industries. MME aims at providing a common platform for collaboration, projects and their outcomes and establishment of the virtual office which is open 24/7 to support the innovation media ecosystem.

Consisting of 7 partners from 6 different European countries (Belgium, Norway, Greece, Bulgaria, Portugal, Ireland) the Consortium is led by De Vlaamse Radio En Televisieomroeporganisatie NV (VRT) who has long standing experience in EU projects.

ATC will be the Technical Lead of the project.

The project started in January 2020 and will last for 25 months.

Follow us on @MediaMotorEU and Linkedin