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Flexible and eco-efficient production for consumers with individualised needs

The FASHION-ABLE project aims at providing the European fashion SMEs, namely those focused on innovation and customization, with technologies enabling flexible, eco-efficient production of personalised products.

The personalised products at the center of FASHION-ABLE are those wearable goods addressing complex personal needs of growing market niches of consumers and which today are not satisfied by mass-produced goods in terms of health-support and performances.

The technologies researched by FASHION-ABLE support the products creation at the following stages:

  • conception & co-design of products (involving the consumer)
  • sustainable manufacture.

The expected project results include: an User framework defining and quantifying of user needs; new services for Collaborative-Product Customization; new stretch-leather’s lean manufacturing processes and equipment; new 3D-spacer fabric’s flexible manufacturing process and machinery; new textile’s finishing operations and equipment; extended manufacturing order management structure and tools; Life-Cycle Analysis instruments; and inter-organisational Product Data Management tools.