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EU Community is a project co-funded by the EU under the 7th Framework programme that goes beyond current generation of policy modelling and argumentation tools. It provides decision makers with better policy options by combining social media interactions, qualified contributors, document curation, visual analysis plus online and offline trust-building tools. The results will be open source platforms, and the data itself will be open to re-use by other apps developers.

Starting on October 2013 and for 36 months, a consortium of leading research centres, ICT SME’s and a large media network, will go from existing tools to further advanced prototype, pilot-testing and roll-out. They are supported by a number of high-calibre experts and a foundation serving as community guarantor.

The results will be tested and deployed over an EU policy media network, with a track record of sustainability and multilingualism. Three pilots suiting the EU political mandates 2014-2019 have been selected (FUTURE OF EU, RENEWABLE ENERGY and INNOVATION STRATEGY) and will be undertaken by a network of European stakeholders (policy-makers, journalists, experts, NGO’s and informed citizens) in several EU countries, supported by localised policy media.

The EU Community is composed of eight partners: INTRASOFT International S.A. (Belgium), Foundation EURACTIV PoliTech (Belgium), University of Aegean (Greece), PLC (United Kingdom), Athens Technology center S.A. (Greece), I-EUROPA SRO (Slovakia), Fraunhofer IGD (Germany), Fundació per la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Spain).

ATC is one of the main Technology Providers in EU Community, mainly involved in the Tasks of requirements, design and implementation of the ‘EU Community’ platform.