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Fostering Dialogue and Cooperation between the EU and EECA in the HORIZON 2020 perspective

EAST-HORIZON is a support action funded under the FP7 EU programme that aims to assist ICT R&D policy dialogue between Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA) partner countries and the European Commission, paving the path for EU-EECA successful strategic partnerships.

EAST HORIZON will inspire ideas and influence policies to help the Dialogue between the EU and the EECA, which will lead to the best possible benefits for both sides and in parallel will support organisations from both sides to prepare successful proposals for joint projects in collaborative ICT R&D, within Horizon 2020 and national EU/EECA ICT R&D programmes.

The specific objectives of the EAST-HORIZON project are to:

  • Support the Dialogue between EU and EECA countries at all levels. To this end, EAST HORIZON will mobilize the most influential and knowledgeable people and Institutions and will provide the necessary tools for an efficient continuous collaboration.
  • Raise awareness among EECA organizations about H2020 through focused events which will provide a deep insight into H2020 challenges and priorities, Information Society Policy Co-operation activities, and how this fits into the Digital Agenda for Europe.
  • Adopt a holistic approach towards ICT R&D. This will bring together ICT research institutions, Information Technology Industrial companies and key ICT Users in each country, to maximize impact in ICT research collaboration and foster the wider and more holistic promotion of innovation. It will link tri-partite (Research, Industry, Users) focus Groups with ICT R&D policy makers to influence policies and to shape or strengthen business links between the EU and the EECA countries Information Technology Communities.
  • Create permanent structures and mechanisms, sustainable after the end of the project.

EAST-HORIZON will establish a permanent communication and collaboration platform, an environment where all ICT Research players can meet and work together to raise ideas for joint Research projects. The platform, linked to similar platforms, will be transferred to EECA stakeholders at the end of the project, for achieving sustainability of collaboration mechanisms built under EAST-HORIZON.

EAST-HORIZON is coordinated by PLANET S.A. (Greece). The Partnership is composed of 2 EU partners (ATC-Greece, ENG-Italy), 1 Associated country (EFPC-Israel) and  10 EECA partners: CCRAS (Russia), IST-C (Armenia), R.I.T.A. (Azerbaijan), BELISA (Belarus), CIP (Moldova), NIP (Ukraine), ICARTI (Georgia), InExCB-Kz (Kazakhstan), IUCP-T (Uzbekistan) and OSU (Kyrgyzstan).

ATC is responsible for Community building, Networking and Training activities and will contribute in shaping the EECAs ICT R&D Vision towards HORIZON 2020 as well as in the dissemination activities of the project.

The project started on February 2014 and has a duration of 30 months.