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Content Personalisation Network

Diversity is one of the strengths of the European media industry. Europe is scattered with media companies, large and small, representing an enormous amount of cultural diversity. This is certainly also true for the European news production and publishing industry, a subset of the European media sector. Millions of content items have to find their way to millions of users. CPN will tackle the challenge by developing a new approach to personalization of digital content, allowing both large and small media companies to benefit from the value of being able to better target content to media consumers. From the viewpoint of the media consumer, the challenge is to enable a better delivery of news, insights and informations in the right format at the right time, and better contextualized to the media consumer.

To achieve this, CPN will build an innovative virtual open platform with pluggable services allowing both large and small media companies to effective personalize their content distribution. The proposed virtual open platform and services will be validate through large scale piloting activities with the different media organization, integrating the virtual open platform with their existing operational infrastructure.

In order to achieve all this, CPN brings together a strong multidisciplinary consortium having all the skills needed for a successful project implementation. It includes broadcasters, media companies, different technology providers and legal expertise. Through the involvement of WANIFRA, wide visibility of the results is guaranteed.

The Consortium is coordinated by VRT (Belgium) and consists of ATC (Greece), ENG (Italy), DW (Germany), DIGICAT (United Kingdom), IMEC (Belgium), DIAS (Cyprus), LiveTech (Italy) and WAN-IFRA (France).

ATC will lead the development of the technology modules that are necessary for the operation of the CPN platform and will, also, actively participate in the innovation and commercialisation activities, as the connection between the media industry and the ICT sector.

The project started in September 2017 and will have a duration of 30 months.