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Supporting European Union and Southeast Asia ICT strategic partnership and policy dialogue: Connecting ICT EU-SEA Research, Development and Innovation Knowledge Networks

CONNECT2SEA is a support action funded by FP7 EU programme aiming at strengthening cooperation in ICT between Europe and Southeast Asia countries. The project will pave the way for jointly addressing important societal challenges and core technologies at the research, innovation and policy levels under HORIZON2020 and relevant SEA regional and national programs. Within this context, the project has three-fold objectives:

  1. To support internationalization of European and SEA ICT-related research, development and innovation knowledge networks, technology platforms, clusters, organisations in the topics of common interest, in order to foster ICT RDI collaboration;
  2. To promote Horizon 2020 and to reinforce synergies between the EU and ASEAN research development and innovation programmes;
  3. To enrich and support EU-SEA ICT R&D policy dialogue, by supporting policy initiatives, summarizing feedback from collaborative experience and proposing recommendations to reinforce EU-SEA ICT RDI collaboration.

CONNECT2SEA is coordinated by INNO TSD SA (France). The Partnership is composed of 4 European and 5 SEA partners: TUDO (Germany), CNRS (France), FORTH (Greece), ATC (Greece), ITI-VNU (Viet Nam), USM (Malaysia), NSTDA (Thailand), ASTI (Philippines), BPPT (Indonesia).

ATC is responsible for reinforcing EU-SEA ICT R&D cooperation and promoting the collaboration between networks, clusters and their organisations.

The project started on December 2013 and has duration 30 months.