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Advanced software-based seRvice provisioning and migraTion of legacy Software

Most legacy applications are unsuitable for running on the cloud due to a lack of scalability, security and compliance features. However, companies often cannot easily replace them as they are crucial to their performance, continuity and offering. Migrating to a cloud infrastructure can bring cost, performance and strategic advantages. For some software vendors, shifting to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) business model may be desirable or even a necessity.

Manual modernization of legacy applications can be a lengthy, complex and uncertain task. ARTIST is applying cutting-edge model-driven engineering techniques to provide a structured and quantified approach to modernization and an accompanying toolset which could lead to cost savings of up to 50% over existing approaches. Once transformed, such applications take full advantage of cloud infrastructures and can be provided as software-as-a-service.

For owners and developers of legacy applications, ARTIST offers a set of methods and tools which provide an end-to-end and assisted migration service to transform legacy applications not merely to run on cloud but to take full advantage of cloud features. In addition ARTIST provides pre-analysis of migration feasibility, analyzing the software to gauge complexity, and to indicate cost and predict complications based on historical data. This data helps the customer make the investment decision. Following migration, ARTIST carries out validation and certification of migrated software and its functionality.

Consequently, ARTIST forms a business investment and leads to lower costs and uncertainty, improved performance, greater customer satisfaction, more innovation and greater competitiveness.