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Open-source cloud migration toolset version 2.0 released by the ARTIST project

28 May 2015

ARTIST project has published the Open Source package version 2.0. The ARTIST OS package can be used by all open source communities and be tested and validated by any interested developer. It consists of thirty one tools that are classified into toolsets and categories according to the ARTIST methodology. For each one of the tools, the ARTIST dissemination team has included documentation, demos and tutorials. The source code is uploaded in GitHub and is straightforward to download, install and operate.

Apart from delivering the ARTIST solution to the open source communities, the ultimate goal of opening the tools to external developers is to obtain valuable feedback about the installation, usage and usefullness of the different tools and the solution as a whole. For that, it is possible to submit comments or questions under each toolset package in the ARTIST web site. Tool providers are ready to answer to your question!

Do not miss this opportunity! Explore the ARTIST Open Source Package here!

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