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Join Co-VAL Interactive Briefing “Beyond The State Of Emergency: How Cities Are Working With Citizens To Exit The Lock-Down”!

27 May 2020

Co-VAL project and the Lisbon Council are organising the High-Level Webinar and Interactive Briefing “Beyond the State of Emergency: How Cities are Working with Citizens to Exit the Lock-down”, on Thursday, 28 May 2020, at 16h00-17h00 CET.

After two months of lock-down marked by strict “stay at home” orders fully respected by European citizens, most countries are gradually opening up. When national governments ordered the lock-down, cities had to set up emergency support services for citizens. Now, they are working with citizens to make the opening sustainable.

The city of Milan is perhaps the most striking example. The first European metropolis to go in full lock-down mode on 08 March, its local government quickly moved all its services to digital by default. Today, using collaborative platforms and advanced data analytics, it is co-designing with citizens the strategy for opening up.

In this interactive webinar the issues about how leading cities have used digital channels to help citizens and how they are working with citizens to exit the lock-down in a sustainable way will be discussed.

If you would like to join the high-level online briefing, you can register here.


Cover photo designed by prostooleh / Freepik