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Get the book on: "Exploring impacts of collective awareness platforms for sustainability and social innovation"

1 September 2016

ATC has contributed to the authoring of the “EXPLORING IMPACTS OF COLLECTIVE AWARENESS PLATFORMS FOR SUSTAINABILITY AND SOCIAL INNOVATION” book, which was published by Eurokleis Press (May 2016).

The book describes the Collective Awareness Platform for Sustainability and Social Innovation domain (CAPS) by using an “inside” perspective, as it is based on the research work of IA4SI – Impact Assessment for Social Innovation project (co-funded by the European Union (FP7-ICT-2013 n.611253)). The book first defines Digital Social Innovation as the technological enabled version of Social Innovation and describes CAPS projects in this context. Then, it introduces the quali-quantitative framework developed by IA4SI for analysing the impact of CAPS projects and provides the results of the impact assessment exercise. Finally, best practices and policy recommendations are provided for the benefit of CAPS stakeholders.

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