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FuturePulse to Improve Decision Making in Music Industry

17 October 2017

The European Project FuturePulse, started on 1st September 2017, has been presented in Barcelona on 26-27 September by its eight partners, aiming to provide music industry with a data-analysis based system to improve decision making for all agents. 

The kick-off of FuturePulse, supported by the Horizon 2020 programme, gathered in Barcelona some of the most innovative players of the music and technology fields in Europe, ranging from academic and research organisations to market oriented companies: ATC, Bass Nation, BMAT, CERTH, Playground Music, Soundtrack Your Brand, IRCAM and Musimap. All of them share the aim of increasing the value of music industry agents by producing a new and effective music trend analysis and recommendation system. In that way, music companies will be able to leverage a variety of music data and content (from broadcasters to sales statistics and social media) through sophisticated analytics and predictive modelling services. These new capabilities will lead to highly informed business decisions to better understand audiences and the music trends of the future, and ultimately to make music distribution more effective and profitable.

For more information, read the full Press Release here!