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CONSENSUS releases Multi-Objective Decision Making Tools through Citizens Engagement

13 May 2016

Thirty months ago, CONSENSUS, an FP7 project co-funded by the EC, envisioned to simplify, identify and visualize the consequences of decisions in the policy making process. At the core of the project was the CONSENSUS policy model, which decomposes policies in a number of -often conflicting- objectives. Using the model in combination to visualizations and data analysis, allowed the exploration of the design and objective space. Now, thirty months later the vision has become a reality. CONSENSUS acted as a decision support tool for the policy making process, providing a visually appealing and evidence-based analysis of the trade-offs between the various alternative policies’ implementations. In order to also count in the citizens’ view on the policies, the project applied analytics and gamification techniques so as to first elicit their preferences and secondly incorporate them in the decision support process. A by-product of the gamification part allowed also for the education of citizens in topics regarding policy making, allowing them to be able to assess the objective value of a policy decision and measure it against others, thus significantly contributing to the effort for transparency. Based on that, CONSENSUS has released two outcomes: the CONSENSUS MOOViz and the CONSENSUS Game.

For more information, read the full Press Release here!