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Be a policy analyst on road pricing

26 March 2015

The Consensus project is pleased to announce the launch of the Consensus MOOViz tool in two different policy domains, one of which concerns road pricing policy.

Your involvement as pilot users will be highly appreciated and it might also be a unique opportunity for you to voice your opinion in defining a tool able to support the policy and decision-making process.

As a pilot user of Consensus MOOViz you will assume the role of a “policy analyst”, consulting a policy/decision-maker. Your main task is to test road pricing schemes applicable for the case of a new road infrastructure project or for the upgrade and/or efficient management of an existing one. Your goal is to obtain a list of applicable road pricing schemes for your project, be able to understand trade-offs among evaluation criteria and ultimately identify the most optimal for further, more detailed analysis.

The tool has some minimum data requirements which you will most probably have, even in the early stages of your project, along with a range of policy objectives to use as evaluation criteria. Road pricing schemes for any given project are direct results from the MOOViz tool.

This pilot application process will run from 26 March to the 30 April 2015 and your participation involves:

  • testing the Consensus MOOViz tool on-line here
  • completing a very simple questionnaire on-line here

Details of Consensus MOOViz tool operation can be found in the short User’s Guide.

Pilot trial of the Consensus MOOViz tool will take you roughly 20-30 minutes. Completion of the tool’s evaluation questionnaire will not take you more that 10 minutes.

Thank you for your participation!