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ARTIST releases tools for migrating to the cloud

28 September 2015

The EC co-funded project ARTIST after three years of research work is releasing a tool-supported method that facilitates the transformation and modernization of non-cloud software assets and business processes to the cloud. ARTIST assets can be used by any company that owns obsolete applications and old-fashion business models and wants to transform them to innovative applications, thus exploiting the opportunities provided by cutting-edge technologies of nowadays, as cloud computing and model-driven engineering. ARTIST provides an open source end-to-end solution that best fits in modernizing several similar applications towards the cloud, as it also emphasizes on how to reuse the work from one project to the next offering in this way greater cost reductions and shorter development cycles. Validated by four real-life industrial cases, ARTIST project has demonstrated that its open-source package can

  • support companies (software providers) in the hard and costly challenge of modernizing their applications,
  • foster the uptake of cloud technologies and business models (especially by SMEs),
  • reduce the migration costs in relation to manual migration,
  • allow an easier evolution of software with optimal performance and cost.

For more information read the full Press Release here!

The ARTIST Consortium